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Contrary to popular belief, pet animals are more prone to attacking humans than wild animals. Wild animals tend to avoid people and will not attack unless they are sick, feel threatened, or are protecting their young or territory.

Victims of animal attacks may suffer serious injuries, including nerve and tissue damage, permanent disfigurement, and psychological distress. Even minor injuries from an animal attack may require extensive medical treatment for complete recovery. Timely medical care significantly reduces the chances of injuries taking a turn for the worse.

We understand that having to shoulder the cost of treatment as a victim is extremely frustrating. Animal attack injuries can cause grievous harm to your life, and the people responsible for keeping their pets in check shouldn’t be allowed to get away scot-free. You can take them to court for not being sufficiently mindful of their pet’s behavior if they have caused you harm. The damages you can claim may range from medical treatment costs, pain and suffering, property damage, and lost wages.

At Injury Rely, we strive to be the voice of the injured. We are committed to helping animal attack victims get justice. Our referral services help connect people in need of medical and legal services to the best practitioners and resources across the U.S.A. We know it is not always easy to access the help you need when emergencies are unannounced. Our representatives are available 24/7, so you never have to worry about looking for medical and legal services after an animal attack.

Animal Attack claims

Medical Services For Animal Attack Injuries

According to the World Animal Foundation, 4.5 million people fall victim to dog bites alone in the U.S.A annually. While pet dogs are responsible for a large number of these cases, attacks by other pet animals are also prevalent.

Animal attacks are rarely life-threatening but require immediate medical care to ensure the wounds don’t become infected. Infected wounds can develop into serious medical issues and even be life-threatening.

If a pet animal has bitten you, make sure to clean your wound first and seek medical treatment. If a pet animal has severely injured you or a loved one, you might not be in the state of mind to know what to do. Injury Rely’s representatives are available 24/7 to connect victims of animal attacks to medical care facilities near them.


If you have suffered an animal attack injury, you will find that the procedures for treating these types of wounds can be painful. It is overwhelming, especially after having suffered the trauma of being attacked by an aggressive animal, where the wound is severe with a large amount of bleeding: how to treat the wound? How to disinfect it? What injections to take? Toxoid? Antirabies? Does the wound need suturing?

It is crucial to have a medical professional just a call or click away to help you in this physically and emotionally tumultuous situation. At Injury Rely, we offer you just that! We put our vast network of medical professionals at your disposal to give you the medical attention you require. Our commitment to your health keeps us alert throughout the day, offering you the best care.


Legal Assistance in Animal Attack Lawsuit

Many find it hard to believe that pets can cause grievous injuries. However, it is important to be aware that the responsibility for an animal attack rests on their owners and caretakers. If they have been careless in their supervision of and in restraining their pets leading to injury to another, you can hold them responsible.

That being said, proving liability in such cases can be quite challenging, requiring assistance from an experienced animal attack lawyer. If you or a loved one have suffered property damage or injuries from an animal attack, Injury Rely’s representatives can help you find the best animal attack attorneys in your area.


Even if you are injured away from home, never fear because Injury Rely’s referral network comprises professionals across the U.S.A. We are committed to being the voice of the injured and extending a hand to those who have suffered injustice.

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